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About Us

CheersBuy  is an online global retailer and an Australian fundraiser for organizations and schools in Australia.

CheersBuy is owned by a private company whose first name was PACIFIC COMPUTER established in 1993 by John Zhang. In 2004, it expanded to Australia (ABN: 23723182546).

"When I founded the business 15 years ago, I did need make a big effort to explain what multimedia is. But now, people buy our stuff by simply clicking the mouse. I can not envisage what kind of tomorrow it will evolve into." said Mr. John Zhang.

CheersBuy is in possession of a loyal customer base and the dedication of its staff. CheersBuy is proud to have the team who are committed to growing our business and continuing to provide the highest level of services to our customers.  CheersBuy acknowledges the vital role and contribution of its staff and their investment of significant time and resources.  

The development and growth of online shopping with CheersBuy is being driven by the need to keep ahead of the rapid increase of utilisation of the Internet by customers. Besides, CheersBuy fundraising has also been a very well-growing channel with the help of Internet.

Our aim is to provide outstanding customer experience, and quality product. The principles of honesty, trust, and integrity are fundamental to all our relationships with customers, suppliers and colleagues.

Cheersbuy invites friends all over the world to have a drink, let us say, "Cheers!"